Tired of diets that don’t work, well so was i, up until i found the fast diet, i find it hard to believe that you can eat whatever you like on the feeding days (5 days) and just 2 fasting days, which is very easy as well, this will be a progress over time to lose 40kg and keep it off, over the years i have tried countless diets all failed, well not that they failed it was me that could not help my self to yummy food and the weight just piled back on, on this diet you can eat what ever you like for 5 days, if you like ice cream you can eat it, KFC, cheese burgers fry’s and coke, but you must eat only 600 calories on the 2 fasting days, the fasting days are not in a row but spread out over the week, this makes it very easy to stick to, i have only just started this diet but i am already seeing massive results, there is nothing fancy you have to follow on the fast diet, here i will talk about how i lose my weight, i will update my progress and post photos to show the proof.

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