Diet Results

Comparing Diet Results

Diet ResultsDiet Results – When the word ‘diet’ is mentioned on the internet, most people would assume that it means a programmed meal plan with special food items; oftentimes with the mentioned food items being the only ones on the list. This idea is very prominent because most of what people read about on various health blogs promote those very concepts. These type of diets are considered fad diets and most legitimate nutritionists will not advise them. A lot of these fad diets lack crucial nutrients that are usually provided by normal food intake.

Proper Dieting is actually very simple

Eat the usual food like you normally would, but less. Unless of course the way you normally eat is unhealthy to begin with. If so, do the necessary adjustments; eat healthy and cut back on volume gradually. This ensures that your energy reserve is less than the energy expenditure. This proper and ideal diet procedure gets very little traction and is lost beneath the multitude of fad diets. The reason why fad diets are as popular as they are is because they seem to be very simple to adhere to (following a banana-only diet, for example) and that most of them are aggressively advertised by people who are out to sell you something. Their products may be in form of accessories, pre-made calendars and e-books.

Following a proper diet is recommended for better results in the long run

Compared to fad diets, proper dieting does not deprive the body of essential nutrients. It also mitigates any likelihood of overdosing on specific micro nutrients. Fad diets that promote meals that are composed entirely of fruits are unhealthy, contrary to what most believe. This is because fruits are loaded with sugar with amounts that would be as much as eating spoonfuls of raw sugar every meal. And if you may not know already, sugar is one of the most notorious sources of empty calories. These type of fad diets will have you depend on the sugar content of the fruits for energy source.

Visually, a physique that has undergone weight loss from fad diets will look unhealthy in comparison to proper weight loss. The focus of fad diets on specific food items usually fall short in one of the three macro nutrients (fat, protein and carbohydrates). The resulting weight loss from fad diets will look a little off. From unhealthy hair strands to saggy skin and insufficient musculature; the results will speak for itself.

Diet Results